Smart cities: Making sense of urban data. Collaborative, participatory, equitable cities. #udhack @ds_ldn

"We should shift the debate in a more meaningful direction, oriented towards the raison d’etre of our cities: citizens, and the way that they can create urban culture with technology." Dan Hill
"Urban data as public space. The process of sensing place. The role of urban data as a public good in a context where cities are increasingly instrumented with real-time sensor networks." Dietmar Offenhuber
Data Science & IoT should enable a bottom-up, urban data-driven city —free from big data corporate networks— where citizens identify local problems that are shared across communities, and step in to craft and deploy their own solution.

Smart cities are about community-based organisations working with open-source tools and accessible Do-It-Yourself techniques for civic science. We have the tools to create solutions where public authorities fail to offer them. We have the tools to co-create and design public services in a co-operative way. There are thousands of hacker spaces and media labs organising people to create local solutions and digitally-based civic engagement processes. And this is how a smart city becomes real. Smart cities are about transforming the public space by digital means to create new contexts for participation and to enjoy the city.

Manu Fernandez