Challenges & Prizes

How can we make cities more equitable, more participatory, more open using IoT + Urban Data + Data Science?

  • How can we use public urban data to improve citizen’s urban experience?
  • How can we remove barriers to accessing & distributing urban sensor, device data?
  • How can we combine IoT + Data Science to provide equitable insight to citizens and councils?



using any of these Datasets , develop a predictive model, data visualization, or proto app on any of the following areas:

  • Smart meters, energy reduction and carbon footprint reduction
  • Crime & neighbourhoods
  • Urban flows, pedestrian flows, traffic flows, urban sensors
  • Clean Streets, quality of our streets, lighting, impacts on streets
  • Antisocial behaviour, noise complaints
  • Impacts of licensing and planning on streets, and impacts on social environment


Prizes Sponsored by



  • 1st Prize Best Predictive Model – £500
  • 1st Prize Best Data Visualization Model – £500
  • 1st Prize Best App – £1,000
  • 1st Prize- Team collaboration, team endurance, community – £500
  • 1st Prize – Urban Data Integration – £500
  • 1st Prize – Social Impact – £500
  • 10 free Data Science books

(more to be announced soon)