Hack W/E


Day 1 – Saturday 15 Feb

09:30am: Doors Open & Welcome, coffee

10:00am: Intro and talks

12:00pm: Lunch served and Teams Organised

1:00pm: Data Science Hackathon Begins

7:00pm: Dinner served

Continue all night hacking at the venue, sleep at the venue or go home and come back next day

Day 2 –  Sunday 16 Feb

08:00am: Breakfast served

12:30pm: Lunch served

1:00pm: Data Science Hackathon Ends. Submit your project to projects@datasciencelondon.org

2:00pm: Presentations begin

4:00pm: Winners Announced and Prizes awarded



1. Join a team. Hack in teams

2. Team Diversity: We encourage teams that promote diversity, gender equality,  and have members with different level of experience . Bring data scientists and developers together.

3. Choose a name for your team

4. Choose One Challenge

5. Use Open Source Tools:  We promote Open Source. You can use any software tools (see “Ineligibility”)

6. Use the datasets provided for the hack. You can use other external datasets as long as you use the ones provided.

7. Winners and Prizes

  • Prizes we’ll be awarded to those teams that submit the most innovative, unique, cool, or fun solutions according to a panel of judges
  • To claim prizes and be recognised as winners, the winning teams must grant an Apache License 2.0  to to the Intellectual Property behind the winning model, algorithm, code and data visualization
  • Winners will be interviewed and will write a short paper explaining their solution, code, algos, etc
  • Interviews and papers from the winners will be published in Data Science London websites.

7. Ineligibility: No remote teams are allowed to enter the competition. If you use proprietary code,  or algorithms you will not be eligible as a winner

9. Team Endurance: You can sleep at the venue if you want. Those teams that stay at the venue during the whole hackathon will be rewarded

9. Have fun, share ideas, make new friends!

Please no recruiting, recruiting agencies or similar. No business developers, no salesmen, no business soliciting. No exception



Venue Opens: 9am on Saturday February 15

Please arrive to the venue no later than 10am on Saturday Feb 15

Location: Hub Westminster, 1st floor New Zealand House, 80 Haymarket, LondonSW1Y 4TE, UK

Please make sure you register in Evenbrite before you arrive to the venue. The registration desk should have your name in the list of participants; If you have not registered in Evenbrite you will not be in the list.

You can sleep at the venue or go home and come back next day.

Chill out, resting, dining, and sleeping areas available. You can bring your sleeping mattress/ bag too.

Shower facilities for men and women

Free quality meals (lunch/dinner/breakfast), unlimited drinks, coffee & snacks of all kinds.

12,000 sq ft of open, airy space
High-speed 100Mbps Internet, 12 super HS Wi-Fi routers
Great furniture, ergonomic chairs, and comfy sofas.
Please bring your own laptop and any tools you want.





The Hub Westminster
1st floor New Zealand House
80 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4TE, UK