IoT Bay & Partners

The Urban Data Hack is a project by Data Science London in partnership with IoT Bay- An Interoperability Hub for the IoT Services.

The IoT Bay is an R&D consortium and an Internet-of-Things ecosystem demonstrator that aims to achieve the following:

  • to launch an Internet of Things cluster, where ecosystem concepts and solutions can be developed and demonstrated
  • to make a material amount of data from “things‟ discoverable and accessible while taking account of issues such as ownership, security and privacy
  • to have live information hub where this data can be aggregated and made accessible at scale for application and service prototyping
  • to help drive interoperability with a consensus on data formats, open interfaces and service enablers with buy-in across multiple sectors and application areas
  • to become a platform for the involvement of problem owners, application and service developers and technology providers to collaborate and to allow innovative companies, particularly SMEs, to test their ideas.

The IoT Bay Catalogue Explorer (CE) is a very simple application for navigating HyperCat based catalogues.. As well as providing some very basic functions it also includes a few handy features for developers. For more information on the HyperCat standard, please visit this page:

This project is funded by the Technology Strategy Board under procurement contract Ref: 972151 using SBRI funds. To learn more about the IoT Bay Consortium partners below, click here



Telemetry Associates Limited



Falmouth University



Smart Connected Living ltd